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Post by Squirrel on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:18 pm

Rule #1: Try to get along. No flaming or personal attacks of any kind. We will give out a warning at first, but if the problem persists, we will start banning.

Rule #2: Post with some good grammar and punctuation. Also, avoid cussing too much, as this can annoy some members. By cussing too much, I mean like cussing every other word.

Rule #3: Make sure before making a new thread, there isn't a suitable thread to post your topic. We don't want a mess of threads for the same topic as this can make everything cluttered and messy.

Rule #4: Don't revive old topics. If the topic hasn't been posted in about 2/3 months, leave it alone. Theres probably a reason why it's dead.

Rule #5: No advertising of any kind. We will, however, permit you to advertise in your signature. Just don't wild with it.

Rule #6: No double posting. We don't the forum to get cluttered up. Use the edit button if you need to add something to your post.

Rule 7: No posts with a single word. This is not an IM. We don't want posts that just says "Okay" or something

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